My Story

My greatest strength as a therapist is that I see my client's highest potential. I will recognize the gifts and light that you alone can bring to the world. Together we will nurture those gifts and help you courageously step into your power and claim your authentic Self.

I feel deep compassion for the struggles we are all working through, yet also know that this suffering, when witnessed and examined, can be the launching pad for great insight and blossoming. When we bring awareness to the pain, it becomes the vehicle for necessary change and ultimately sets us free. It is our struggles that illuminate the path for what our soul most wants us to learn; it points us in the right direction and gives us feedback when we are walking boldly into our vulnerable, beautiful potential.

In the beginning

I began counseling in 1990 doing wilderness therapy with Outward Bound on intensive 3-50 day therapeutic programs. Witnessing my clients’ vulnerability and courage ignited my passion for psychology and I wanted to hone my skills. I completed a Masters in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. In 1993, I started my private psychotherapy practice and I still feel privileged to share the deep process of mining life’s challenges for the gold that leads to profound growth. I am inspired and blessed to have been allowed to walk with my clients through some of their darkest times and witness the sunrise with them.

My personal nature and style

By nature, I am very nurturing but am also strikingly practical and occasionally brusque. I often challenge distortions in people’s thinking and old beliefs that no longer serve them. I believe the point of therapy is to cross the river, not keep swimming. While I am very warm and caring, I also push people to take appropriate risks and experiment so that they can live in more meaningful and enriching ways.

I was a professional athlete for many years, and I tend to be very direct. People either really like my style or feel agitated by me. I believe you will have a clear opinion by the end of our complimentary twenty-five minutes.  It is important for me to be true to myself, and I want you to make an informed decision about whether I am a good fit.  It's worth mentioning that the clients who choose to work with me typically say I am more patient and compassionate than they are with themselves.  I also know that my own past healing has softened me and deepened my ability to empathize with your challenges.  I believe you will feel uniquely understood and cared for by me.

Mind, body, emotions, and spirit

My approach is quintessentially holistic and oriented to the whole person – mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Conventional therapy often pathologizes people but I see people as essentially whole and good; there is nothing broken in you or damaged or wrong. You are not depression; you are someone who learned to squash your energy for some very good reason but now that price is too high. As we walk the path together, instead of fighting ourselves, we learn to embrace the old hurts and the current struggles with loving kindness. This self-compassion softens our defense systems and makes us malleable to change, which ultimately allows us to transform our suffering into insight, meaning and direction. From this place of open-heartedness toward ourselves, we can finally feel vitality and joy again.



Clients often ask what success looks like, but answering that question could take a few pages so I will keep it simple.
I believe success is knowing yourself well enough to be true to your highest Self, having the courage to be authentic in the world, and finding your unique path of service.


When I’m not in the office, I’m typically out trail running or skiing. I love being outside in the mountains with my family or friends, reading good books, talking politics, and connecting with my spiritual roots.

I’ve been a mountain guide in Colorado, studied yoga, Buddhist meditation and Celtic ritual, lived in France, survived two avalanches, tried to ski Everest, climbed Ama Dablam, and recovered from chronic Lyme Disease. For the past 5 years, I have been rigorously studying Andean Shamanism, and am intensely committed to further developing my healing and ceremony skills.  I’m still passionate about physical and psychological health, and I’m pretty sure this whole reality thing is about figuring out how to love better.


Psychotherapist & Life Coach
Canadian Certified Counsellor